Aflac, NeuroFlow to enhance group long-term disability offering with innovative mental health solution

The two companies aim to proactively help close gaps in care for customers that experience mental health and emotional challenges.


Mental health and emotional well-being challenges are on the rise, and that’s why Aflac, a leading provider of supplemental insurance in the U.S., entered into a strategic relationship with NeuroFlow that adds an innovative mental health solution designed to help individuals screen and monitor existing and undetected behavioral health conditions. With NeuroFlow, employees are empowered through self-service resources that provide insight into the “what” and “why” of their wellness plans to help reduce the impact of behavioral health conditions.

How does it work?

The NeuroFlow solution is designed to help fill gaps that may exist in an employer’s behavioral health program by proactively detecting potential issues while also offering digital educational content for general wellness, as well as for conditions like depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and more. To get ahead of preventable adverse events before an individual’s condition worsens, NeuroFlow’s Response Services provide high-touch telephonic outreach to AI-identified, high-risk individuals to route them to the appropriate level of care.

NeuroFlow creates a digital experience that offers tailored activities and assessments to help individuals improve their health and track their progress. These services are not a substitute for treatment, psychological or physician advice. NeuroFlow may not be available in some states in connection with this partnership.

On the record

“According to the American Psychological Association, 67% of Americans report increased stress over the course of the pandemic, creating a tremendous need to proactively address mental and emotional health challenges, particularly in the workplace,” said Aflac Senior Vice President, Premier Life, Absence and Disability Solutions, Scott A. Beeman. “We are excited to partner with NeuroFlow to offer a solution that increases value to our customers before they have ever filed a claim. This program will undoubtedly help people navigate daily stresses, especially as the pandemic continues to shine a spotlight on the need for greater mental and emotional well-being.”

“Organizations like Aflac are setting a new standard of care for their customers by supporting the overall mental wellness of employees,” said NeuroFlow CEO Chris Molaro. “We’re thrilled to work with innovative organizations, like Aflac, as they embrace behavioral health, help close the gaps in care, challenge the stigma around mental health, and support customers in a holistic way.”

“Often people can be suffering a mental or emotional challenge and not even realize it. Earlier detection means earlier intervention, which can significantly influence the outcome for both employees and employers,” Beeman added.


Through its initial offering beginning in Q3 of 2022, NeuroFlow will be available to new and existing clients that have fully insured Group Long-Term Disability policies with more than 1,000 covered lives. Aflac’s goal is to be a market leader by providing NeuroFlow to clients meeting these criteria. By offering NeuroFlow widely to qualified accounts, Aflac aims to support and improve employee health.