How Does Technology Help Maintaining Sobriety Post Addiction recovery?

In this article, we'll be discussing the different elements in which technology can help you and why you need to get these tools and applications right away to maintain your sobriety post-recovery.

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Yes, addiction recovery is a difficult journey, but with the right medical help and a good inpatient facility, you should be able to overcome the painful clutches of addiction in no time.

However, what happens when you get out?

Well, for starters, you have a brand new life, and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Yes, there are some post-recovery withdrawals that you might have to deal with, but they are not as extreme as the ones you have felt before.

This is one of the reasons why you need to keep in touch with your therapist from the inpatient facility, who can help you with these symptoms.

But, is there something else that can help you maintain your sobriety post-recovery.

Well, we do not know how much you would believe it, but you can always try the technology.

Yes, technology can always help you maintain sobriety through tracking, a holistic lifestyle, and even therapy.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the different elements in which technology can help you and why you need to get these tools and applications right away.

So sit back, relax, and congratulations on your recovery!

Why do You Need To Actively Maintain Your Sobriety

If you are someone who has completed their recovery program from trusted and credible detoxification centers, then there are very few chances of your relapses.

Because these recovery facilities concentrate on 360-degree healing rather than just cleansing the body of the toxins.

If you are looking for one such detoxification center, then look to know more and read more about the Ascendant detoxification facility.

Still, you need to actively maintain sobriety for at least a year after the recovery. After which, your body will get accustomed to your sober self.

However, this means:

  • Avoiding places and people who are still indulging in these activities.
  • Practicing the distractions which can help overcome the urges of relapses.
  • Continuing regular therapy.
  • Practicing holistic living or maybe continuing some medications.

Thus, you will need technology to maintain that, now that you have no medical support like the inpatient facilities.

Does Technology Helps In Maintaining Sobriety

These are some of the elements of post-recovery sobriety maintenance, where technology comes in.

1. Holistic Lifestyle

Along with the medicinal detoxification and withdrawal treatment, there is one more thing that all inpatient facilities teach the patients who are battling with addiction. This is the holistic approach to recovery.

The best part about this approach is it is more like a lifestyle choice that one can continue even after the recovery. However, some patients are confused about where to start, and that is why they need technology to help them.

If you go to your app store, you will find many applications that can help you start practicing mindful meditation and other holistic activities like journaling or art therapy.

You should go download these applications today, as along with tracking, these will help you enjoy these activities.

2. Physical Exercise Tracking Application

Physical exercises are the healthiest way to get ‘high.’ This is because whatever physical exercise you are practicing will help you get some endorphins and dopamines flowing.

These are automatic mood lifters, and they will be able to get you distracted from the rules of relapse. If you are looking for applications that will help you track your calorie burn, heart rate, and footsteps, there are plenty of applications that will help you.

Studies have also shown that you find a new addiction in keeping your body healthy and fit once you start counting your fitness.

3. Contingency Management Technology

Contingency management is practiced by every detoxification center, which can help patients maintain their sobriety by tracking the time period.

There is a particular reward after finishing each milestone.

So, what happens when you leave the recovery facility? Who will be helping you then?

It is your cellular device and a stable internet connection; you are all set. In addition, there are technological contingency management applications that you download.

Now, all you have to do is to enroll yourself in this online application and list your requirements to help you maintain your sobriety.

4. Online Therapies

Therapy is something you should always continue, even after years of maintaining sobriety. However, with the pandemic and everyone’s busy schedule, it is almost impossible to physically go for a therapy session every day.

However, the endless collaborating tool can help you complete all your therapy sessions online. The best part is that you can get the required help in a crisis and do not have to wait for your next session.

You can download any of these collaborating tools or download self-help applications that will help you get a new therapist based on your requirements.

5. Telemedicine

The telemedicine industry is skyrocketing because of its efficiency. No more forgetting to fill up the prescriptions because you have the technology to remember that now.

In these telemedicine applications, you can fill your prescription and get the medicines delivered at your doorsteps at regular intervals. Plus, if you are scared of catching a new addiction, you can enlist these extra details.

In this case, you will only receive the medicine as enrolled in your prescription and cannot avail of them before a certain time, no matter how much you request them.

Technology To The Rescue!

These are some of the pioneer elements with which technology can help you post-recovery.

Some of the other services which you can avail after recovery are:

  • Yoga for beginners.
  • Tracking your mental health &
  • Self-help group meetings.

There are ample applications, software, and videos all over the internet that can help you maintain your sobriety and enjoy the new life you have just embarked upon.