Invitae launches a genomics-based personalized health management platform

The digital platform aims to enhance patient and provider experiences and further bring genetics to mainstream medicine.

Invitae digital health platform

Medical genetics company Invitae announced the launch of Invitae Digital Health, a connected digital health platform that informs health decisions through actionable genomic insights for patients and clinicians.

With Invitae Digital Health, healthcare providers and health systems engage with a single, seamless platform that integrates important health data throughout each patient’s lifetime. Rooted in genetic insights and scalable at the population level, it will enable a holistic approach to personalized health management for individuals throughout their health journey.

How does it work?

A modular platform tailored to the needs of health systems and their patients, Invitae Digital Health will encourage healthcare providers to move away from the traditional reactive healthcare model and toward a new era of proactive, population-based care. By enabling the identification of disease risk earlier in the care continuum, the platform is poised to help providers and patients enhance early detection and better personalize treatments with the goals of achieving better outcomes and reducing the burden on the broader healthcare system.

While existing population health solutions are positioned for point-of-care oncology testing only, Invitae Digital Health brings genomics to mainstream medicine across a broad spectrum of places where care is impacted-cardiology, medication management through pharmacogenomics, rare disease, neurology, pediatrics, women’s health and oncology (both pre- and post-diagnosis).

Invitae Digital Health will provide healthcare systems with a fully-integrated, customizable suite of tools in a single, intuitive platform. Capabilities include:

  • Seamless integrations with electronic health record solutions
  • Clinical decision support to help clinicians determine which patients should receive genetic testing or supplemental imaging
  • Utilization of medical management guidelines, which are continuously updated to remain current
  • Scalable and secure data-exchange using industry standard protocols
On the record

“Invitae has completed more than six software acquisitions since 2019 with a vision for a unified platform that can surface actionable genomic information to help keep large populations healthy or better manage disease,” said Kamal Gogineni, President, Digital Health at Invitae. “The next step is Invitae Digital Health, a personalized health management platform at the intersection of genetics and real world clinical data. Its launch cements Invitae’s commitment to advance medicine to benefit both patients and clinicians.”

“Invitae Digital Health is designed to synthesize and humanize clinical and genetic information to empower individuals and their care teams to make informed health decisions,” said Rakesh Patel, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Digital Health at Invitae. “We’re proud to be delivering upon a much-needed solution that we hope will propel forward the use of genetic insights in mainstream medicine.”

The context

With 19.3 million new cases of cancer worldwide in 2020, 420 million cases of cardiovascular disease, 8 million children born with a serious genetic condition each year worldwide, and 99% of people with genetic variation that can impact drug response, the potential impact of genetics on mainstream healthcare is profound.