Lasting from Talkspace launches Lasting Parenting Guide offering evidence-based approaches for modern parenting

The new offering includes self-guided sessions and live workshops, helping parents raise healthy, resilient kids in the post-pandemic age.

Parenting Guide from Lasting

Lasting from Talkspace announced a new app that helps parents become more confident in their approach to parenting. The app, called the Lasting Parenting Guide, comes at a time when parents are under unprecedented amounts of stress.

How does it work?

In beta testing, Lasting’s parenting program was completed by more than 4,000 families with 79% saying it helped them parent more effectively. The Lasting Parenting Guide builds and expands on the success of that program with a dedicated app that includes:

  • 100+ self-guided sessions, which are a proven blend of psychoeducation, reflections, exercises, and journaling
  • 2 live classes every week, which are guided by licensed therapists, include anonymous group Q&A, and personalized follow-ups
  • 30+ mental health prompts designed to help parents practice self-care and emotional regulation
  • Robust features for parenting partners, including collaborative Q&A which compares parents’ answers together in the app, and prompts conversation around parenting approaches
  • Sessions on a wide variety of parenting topics, including: Attachment, Self-Awareness, Discipline, Anxiety in Kids, Whining and Complaining, Getting Kids to Listen, Strong-Willed Children, and Sibling Relationships

In an effort to make therapy available to all, the Lasting Parenting Guide is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store with its full content library available for a monthly subscription (starting at $29.99/month).

On the record

“Today’s parents have an incredibly hard job to do,” said Steven Dziedzic, Founder and SVP of Lasting from Talkspace. “Raising kids used to be done by an entire community, and now many parents are doing everything by themselves. By listening to our customers, we learned that the families in America needed the most help with parenting issues such as anxiety, sibling conflict, and emotion-coaching – so we built an app that applies tried-and-true psychological approaches to help them.”

“We took the best of the best therapy modalities for parenting therapy and created self-guided modules and live classes for today’s parents,” said Liz Colizza, LPC and Head of Clinical Content at Lasting from Talkspace. “We wanted to create a safe space for parents to feel seen and heard in their parenting journey and offer them digestible and practical guidance. With that in mind, Lasting is a blend of attachment-based therapy, object relations therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family therapy.”

The context

A recent study from the American Psychological Association found that more than 70 percent of parents are concerned for their children’s social, academic and emotional development. With the Lasting Parenting Guide, parents and caregivers can access a host of resources that can support their journey to raising healthy, resilient children.

Acquired in November 2020, Lasting from Talkspace established Talkspace’s successful entry into personalized, self-guided apps. The Lasting Parenting Guide adds to Lasting’s existing suite of market-leading self-guided services for couples therapy and individual therapy.