Greenway Secure Cloud launches to help reduce cybersecurity threats

The solution also eliminates the need to manage software upgrades, and provides scalable, all-inclusive pricing to clients.

Greenway Health

Greenway Health launched Greenway Secure Cloud, a cost-effective, fully bundled, cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution. Greenway Secure Cloud increases the security of patient health information and practice records, eliminates the need to manage software upgrades, and provides scalable, all-inclusive pricing to clients.

Why does it matter?

Greenway Secure Cloud helps protect against cybersecurity threats by safely managing provider data in a maximum-security center and regularly and consistently patching security concerns in the ever-changing landscape of ransomware and malware attacks.

Greenway Secure Cloud also offers data uptime of 99.9% per year with timely automated updates to certify compliance in a regulatory environment that can be challenging for practices to navigate on their own.

On the record

“With more than 16 percent of practices experiencing a data breach or ransomware attack in 2021 alone, it is imperative to take a proactive approach to securing patient healthcare information and practice data,” said Brian Bobo, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Security Officer at Greenway Health. “Greenway Secure Cloud offers our clients a cloud-based system designed to protect against cybersecurity attacks, withstand natural disasters, and ensure compliance with federal regulations so our clients can spend fewer resources on information technology (IT) services and more time with patients.”

“With the additional compliance requirements through the 21st Century Cures Act, the rapid increase of cybersecurity attacks in the healthcare industry, and the nationwide shortage of healthcare staff, it is more critical than ever that healthcare practices identify ways to reduce the IT and administrative burden on its employees.” said David Cohen, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Greenway Health. “Greenway Secure Cloud gives practices peace of mind with its simplified billing, regular compliance and security updates, and access to all Greenway software solutions.”

The context

Working with client feedback, Greenway created Greenway Secure Cloud as an all-inclusive and simplified billing system to relieve the administrative burden on billing staff. The Greenway Secure Cloud bundled solution includes access to all Greenway software including its proprietary Patient Portal, Patient Messaging, Telehealth, Practice Analytics and more.