Walgreens taps Jasper Health to bring customers empathetic cancer support

Jasper Health's cancer care services offer psychosocial support while connecting members with the broader healthcare system...

Walgreens taps Jasper Health

Jasper Health’s digital services for cancer care support are now available through the Walgreens Find Care platform, the company has announced.

Jasper Health’s cancer care services offer psychosocial support while connecting members with the broader healthcare system, all with the goals of improving patients’ quality of life and long-term health.

How does it work?

Jasper Health recently introduced its Coach+ service to its offerings, providing members with additional support for their mental health, sleep, nutrition, physical activity, and financial needs. By leveraging chat, telemedicine, and human coaching, Jasper Coach+ meets member needs whenever and however they want, lessening the complexities of cancer care.

The Walgreens Find Care digital health platform helps connect patients to a network of local and national health providers and healthcare services. Through this online marketplace, patients can connect with providers they trust, all through the convenience of the Walgreens mobile app and online. With the addition of Jasper and Jasper Coach+ to Walgreens Find Care, users can access services for cancer care support-from diagnosis through remission and beyond.

On the record

“In recent years, significant advancements in oncology treatments and medications have been made, but the need remains for a better cancer care experience for all,” says Greg Orr, Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager of Jasper Health. “By working with Walgreens to expand access to our cancer care services, we hope to help more people navigate the complexities of our healthcare system, lessen their distress, and improve their quality of life.”

The context

The increasing costs and complexity of cancer care are extremely burdensome and expensive, with treatment costs averaging $150,000 per patient, which can contribute to high levels of stress and anxiety. In addition to these issues, individuals have not had access to a digital cancer care solution that can holistically improve their quality of life, survivorship, productivity, and mental health, while reducing the total cost of care.