Grow Therapy announces multi-state expansion to increase access to mental health care

Tech-based mental health group brings innovation to an industry struggling to keep up with unprecedented demand

Grow Therapy

Grow Therapy, which is a provider-centric mental health group using technology to make high-quality mental healthcare accessible and affordable to all Americans, announced the expansion of its services to multiple states across the U.S.

What’s the news?

The expansion includes availability in 22 new states, making Grow Therapy services now available in 36 states. The expansion also means the addition of 657 new therapists being added to the Grow Therapy marketplace (348 in the newly added states and 309 in already existing states).

The newly added states include New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Washington, Minnesota, Louisiana, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii, Montana, Utah, Tennessee, Nevada, Iowa and Missouri.

Grow Therapy offers a marketplace for patients to find the right therapist; an end-to-end insurance engine that lets providers seamlessly accept insurance, and patients reduce their costs through in-network benefits; and a comprehensive EHR platform for providers to take medical notes, schedule visits and engage with their clients.

On the record

“We’re on a mission to bridge the gap between therapists and people seeking mental health care,” said CEO and Co-Founder Jake Cooper. “Unfortunately, that gap has only gotten wider since the onset of the pandemic as providers have struggled to keep pace with drastically increased demand. By removing barriers for both consumers and providers, we’re making strides to narrow the deficit.”

The context

The multi-state expansion follows massive growth for the company since launching in 2020, including enabling thousands of providers to start their own practice and serving hundreds of thousands of patients. Today, Grow Therapy has a team of 120 employees and the company has seen 11x growth YOY. Grow Therapy also secured a $75 million Series B funding round in September, bringing the company’s total funding raised to over $85 million. For their innovations in creating a more equitable future, founders Jake Cooper, Manoj Kanagaraj and Alan Ni have been named to Forbes 30 Under 30 list for the class of 2023 in the healthcare category.