Ascensia Diabetes Care, SNAQ partner to support mealtime decision-making for people with diabetes

Users of Ascensia's world-renowned CONTOUR BGM portfolio will now be able to seamlessly incorporate SNAQ into their diabetes management regimen

SNAQ app

Ascensia Diabetes Care, maker of the CONTOUR Blood Glucose Monitoring (BGM) system portfolio and exclusive distributor of Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Systems, announced a global collaboration with SNAQ – an award-winning app-based solution that offers key insights on food and nutrition for people with diabetes (PWDs). Collaborating to integrate their technologies, Ascensia and SNAQ will empower more PWDs to make impactful mealtime decisions, with a goal to improve diabetes management.

How does it work?

Users of Ascensia’s world-renowned CONTOUR BGM portfolio will now be able to seamlessly incorporate SNAQ into their diabetes management regimen, in order to make data-driven decisions about food and nutrition. Through the SNAQ app, users simply take a photo of their food and are provided with nutritional information and actionable insights to help in facilitating glycemic control. With easy-to-read graphs and comparisons to previous meals, SNAQ supports both immediate insights and long-term learning, which is reflected in its strong user retention and high app ratings.

The initial three-year collaboration extends across several phases and regions, launching first in the United States. SNAQ will be integrated with Ascensia’s most popular Bluetooth connected BGM devices. SNAQ meal data can also be shared with GlucoContro.Online, Ascensia’s streamlined platform, which enables PWDs to seamlessly access, analyze and share their diabetes data. Making this data more easily accessible to PWDs and healthcare practitioners (HCPs) can help them to monitor how different foods affect blood glucose levels and adjust treatment accordingly.

On the record

Frank Held, Head of BGM Marketing and Strategy at Ascensia, commented: “This collaboration is a further step in Ascensia’s mission to simplify diabetes management whilst providing convenient and effective solutions for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers. I look forward to working together with SNAQ as we collaborate to bring this valuable tool to more people.”

Chester Lu, Head of BGM Digital Connected Solutions at Ascensia, added: “Many of the people we speak to with diabetes are looking for smart, connected technologies that give them the data they need when they need it. Data and technology have a central role in helping people to make treatment decisions, and our collaboration with SNAQ will ensure that insights to guide food and meal choice are easily found at the tap of an app.”

Aurelian Briner, CEO of SNAQ, commented: “Taking the guesswork out of mealtime glucose control is what SNAQ is aiming for, and this collaboration means that we will be able to support more people in their day-to-day choices. Working with Ascensia’s team is an exciting opportunity for SNAQ to grow and continue making a difference for people living with diabetes.”

The context

Established in 2016 through the acquisition of Bayer Diabetes Care by PHC Holdings (formerly known as Panasonic Healthcare Holdings), Ascensia Diabetes Care is a global company entirely dedicated to improving the health and lives of people with diabetes. Aside from its renowned CONTOUR portfolio of blood glucose monitoring systems and the exclusive global distribution partner for the Eversense CGM systems from Senseonics – the company is committed to adding more innovative and life-changing products to its portfolio.