5 Ways Technology Has Improved Senior Care

Today's elderly are receiving exceptional care, irrespective of human presence around them. Modern technology has a lot to do with that...

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If you were looking for a senior living facility 10 to 15 years ago, it would be hard to identify a reliable assisted living system for senior citizens. However, the situation has dramatically improved today, thanks to technology and the involvement of medical experts in the design and implementation of aged care software systems.

Historically, the care and management of elderly individuals were mostly manual processes; there was a doctor for routine check-ups, a nurse for daily care, and a family member for additional support. The level and quality of care depended on various factors. However, with the advent of innovative technologies, these limitations have been surpassed. Today’s elderly are receiving exceptional care, irrespective of human presence around them.

Enhance Hearing Aid Capabilities for Elderly

The National Institute on Aging has estimated that one in three adults aged between 65 and 74 suffers from hearing loss. Almost half of those above 75 years old face hearing challenges. Advancements in today’s technology have swiftly bettered the functionality and quality of hearing aids. The ambient voices can distort or reduce the clarity of what you hear.

The encouraging news is that we are not far from a time when hearing aids will come equipped with technology capable of distinguishing and isolating a speaker’s voice from background noise. Subsequently, the speech will be relayed distinctly to the individual’s Bluetooth hearing aids.


Surveillance cameras can be a lifesaver. These devices enable family members or caregivers of the elderly to ensure their loved ones receive appropriate care. There have been instances where nurses have been caught on tape exploiting elderly individuals. In addition, cameras can aid healthcare professionals in monitoring the movements and behaviors of elderly individuals with health and mental conditions when they are not physically present.

However, if an elderly individual is uncomfortable with the constant surveillance of a camera, Husky Senior Care provides less invasive alternatives such as sensors. These compact, wireless devices can monitor a person’s level of activity. Any change in routine activities can trigger these sensors to send an automatic alert (via text, phone call, or email) indicating that something could be amiss.

Seniors Dating

The desire for companionship doesn’t diminish with age, and contrary to the belief that online dating is predominantly for younger individuals, it’s important to acknowledge the current popularity of online and app-based dating among seniors.

The thriving presence of platforms designed for senior citizens can be attributed to several factors. This includes the growing technological adeptness of this demographic and the emergence of niche services tailored specifically for them. Numerous top-tier dating apps now solely serve this age group, underlining the significance and relevance of these platforms to seniors.

Reducing Healthcare Expenses

The primary financial challenge for the elderly stems from medical and clinical care costs. Traditional or human caregiving, once a norm, has now become a luxury many can’t afford. In contrast, technology offers a more economical alternative.

With the advent of automation and robotics, older individuals can now access emergency services, health protocols, medication, and clinical care right at their homes, thus obviating the need for commuting.


Seniors can easily download many games and hobby apps on their smartphones or tablets. In addition, various premium movie and TV streaming services can be effortlessly used and streamed to phones, tablets, or televisions for entertainment and leisure. The advent of smart TVs has further simplified this process.

These days, one can buy a TV for a senior that already comes with these streaming service apps pre-installed. This means that seniors can access all their favorite shows and movies using a single, user-friendly remote.


Despite the fact that high-tech devices and gadgets simplify our lives, they unfortunately cannot provide tangible aid with daily routines. Elderly individuals needing help with everyday tasks can greatly profit from dependable senior care services.