Invest in mHealth Spot

Invest in mHealth Spot

mHealth Spot is looking for investors. We plan to build a comprehensive mHealth portal with daily updated content, while also offering something for premium (paid) members.

Companies that could benefit from owning a stake in mHealth Spot include the likes of:

  • mHealth start-ups and established players
  • News organizations
  • Various funds
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Other companies from the health sector

We’re not looking for a fortune; the small, two-person team needs regular salaries for a period of 12 months to fully commit to the site, and turn it into a leading mHealth news source.

Where are we now?

About 95% of programming is already done, and we’ve started adding content to the database. Moreover, we keep adding news to the site to keep it fresh in the “eyes of Google.” The site is still young and doesn’t have much traffic, though.

What we need?

We are looking to raise $60,000 which should fund our operations for a period of one year. In that sense, we don’t even need all that cash upfront and could receive it in 12 monthly installments. By the end of the year, if not before, we’re looking to start making money.

Business plan is ready

We think we have the clear goal how to turn mHealth Spot into a profitable venture. The idea is to make money by selling premium subscriptions rather than relying on advertising.

The business plan is ready, and we also have an example of the paid part of the site to show you.

Get in touch!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us so we could provide you with all the details.

Use the form on this page, or call Dusan at +381-64-1345526.