Fertility & Mobile

Using Mobile Technology for Fertility Improvement

M-BabiesIn this report, we’re not talking about pregnancy but fertility, presenting the key products and services we at mHealth Spot identified in the last year or so.

According to The National Infertility Association, 1 in 8 couples in the United States is struggling with infertility. Solutions we will be presenting here have already proven their worth, despite being on the market for just a few years. Some of them are simply extending their reach to the mobile community, taking advantage of the high smartphone penetration in the developed world.

When it comes to products, most of them measure women’s body temperature, and along with accompanying apps, they are trying to determine the best time to conceive.

There are also integrated programs, as well as “pure mobile apps” we’ll mention here, all of which have garnered serious media attention in the last few months, as well as venture funding (in some cases).

The report consists of two parts – products and services, with former indicating there’s a physical product involved in the “package.” Nevertheless, these products are usually tied into services to deliver that much better results, and — we would add — better business case for the company which made it. In addition, the report also discusses business models; it is available as part of mHealth Spot’s Premium membership.