Kinsa Smart Thermometer gets FDA’s 510(k) clearance

Kinsa Smart Thermometer gets FDA's 510(k) clearance

Kinsa announced FDA 510(k) clearance for its smartphone-connected thermometer, which can be used orally, under-the-arm or rectally.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer is now up for pre-order for $14.99 with first deliveries scheduled for March and April.Due to fewer components, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer is compact, thin and highly flexible, and thus more comfortable to use. It’s been designed with parents and children in mind, leveraging the smartphone to make taking a temperature a more engaging and informative process. The thermometer connects to a smartphone or other mobile device via the headphone jack and uses the display, power and processing of the smartphone to determine a precise temperature reading.

The smartphone’s display screen provides animated visuals throughout a temperature reading process and alerts parents if the thermometer slips out of place. Users can create individual profiles for the whole family and, with a few taps, track their fever, symptom and illness history.

“By combining a thermometer with a smartphone, we’ve created a communication channel with the ill, providing users with far more value than today’s thermometers can,” explained Inder Singh, founder and CEO of Kinsa. “With the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, we can transform the way people care for their families.”

The company will conduct a private beta test of its device and mobile app in early January. It is currently taking pre-orders for deliveries in March or April on its website; the Kinsa Smart Thermometer could be yours for $14.99.