Withings - new smart scale

Withings unveils its fanciest smart scale yet and a subscription service

Said service, called Health+, provides detailed health analysis and tools to help people improve their health by building a health routine
KardiaMobile Card

AliveCor launches the credit card-sized ECG

The KardiaMobile Card is dubbed the only personal ECG slim enough to fit in a wallet for instant feedback on heart health anytime, anywhere.
Clarius HD3 portable ultrasound

Clarius unveils 10 new ultra-portable ultrasounds for Apple and Android devices

The third-generation product line of wireless scanners offers revolutionary pricing making ultrasound affordable for more doctors across specialties in the US.
GE Vscan Air

GE Healthcare unveils the wireless handheld ultrasound – Vscan Air

Vscan Air enters the market as one of the smallest and lightweight handheld devices without compromising image quality and secure data sharing.
New Nest Hub

Google unveils new Nest Hub with sleep tracking capability

The feature, called Sleep Sensing, uses Motion Sense to analyze how the person closest to the display is sleeping, based on their movement and breathing.
Amwell Hospital TV 100

Amwell launches a new smart TV carepoint device for hospitals

Intermountain Healthcare deploys over 1,200 units in nearly 50 locations, transforming hospital room TVs into telehealth endpoints.
Philips Medical Tablet

Philips Medical Tablet launched with advanced software

The device offers full remote information access, and can be easily deployed to enable a fully portable setup in emergency situations, including COVID-19.
VitalPatch RTM

VitalConnect launches VitalPatch RTM, an extended holter tech for cardiac monitoring

In combination with a newly opened independent diagnostic testing facility, VitalConnect is advancing how patients are monitored for cardiac arrhythmias.
Oclean Air 2

Tech startup Oclean launches the world’s quietest smart toothbrush – the Oclean Air 2

The toothbrush is powered by WhisperClean, Oclean's proprietary ultrasonic signal technology which delivers one of the quietest brushing experiences.
3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope in Use

3M Littmann Stethoscopes, Eko to make digital stethoscopes widely available

The new 3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope offers clinicians access to both analog and AI-enabled digital auscultation options.