Here’s how the UK will regulate medical devices after Brexit

The CE Mark approval will continue to be used and recognized until June 30, 2023, as will certificates issued by EEA-based notified bodies...

Pillo Health, BLACK+DECKER team-up over a smart home care companion

Now available, the Pria by BLACK+DECKER robot assistant is the first commercially available product created in partnership by the two companies.
Withings BPM Core ECG

Withings launches new connected blood pressure monitors

BPM Core blood pressure monitor with ECG and stethoscope functionality is launching in Europe, whereas the U.S. can only get BPM Connect, for now.
Amazon digital health devices

Amazon Choice digital health products coming soon

Developed by Arcadia Group, these devices include connected blood pressure cuffs and glucose monitors.

Surroundables: A new kind of connected devices in works

A project of an MIT professor involves a device that could wirelessly track everything from breathing to walking, with nothing to wear or carry around.
AliveCor KardiaMobile

AliveCor’s bloodless hyperkalemia test scores the “Breakthrough Device” designation from the FDA

This means that the agency will consider AliveCor's technology on an accelerated clearance track.

M3DICINE’s Stethee is touted as the world’s first AI-enabled stethoscope

The Bluetooth-connected device helps medical & veterinary professionals with diagnosis and management of heart and lung disease.
Nokia Sleep

Nokia Sleep announced at CES

The sleep sensor is placed under the mattress from where it can track sleep cycles, and return back results to the Nokia Health Mate app.
Shapa smart scale

Shapa reimagines weight management with a display-less smart scale

The device takes the negative experience of stepping on a traditional scale and transforms it into a positive experience.
UA HealthBox

Under Armour kills the HealthBox suite of connected devices

The company will continue to make connected apparel, and will also keep working on its suite of health and fitness apps.