Kinsa products

Kinsa gets $17M to develop new smart health tools

The financing will be used to develop additional smart products and services to further Kinsa's mission to better track and stop the spread of illness.
Nokia health devices

Nokia-branded mHealth devices launching this summer

The Finland-based company will rebrand the existing Withings portfolio and launch a HIPAA-compliant Patient Care Platform.
breathalyzer that can detect flu

UTA scientist invents breathalyzer that can detect flu

The device could eventually be available in drugstores so that people can be diagnosed earlier and take advantage of medicine as soon as possible.
smartphone scanning strawberries

This phone knows how much calories each meal has

Using an infrared sensor to register the unique molecular fingerprint of an item, it can tell the user what it is.

Samsung to show off a pair of C-Lab connected health products at CES 2017

S-Skin is a home skincare and analysis solution, while Lumini is a portable device that checks the inner skin to identify and prevent skin problems.
Wing sensor

Sparo Labs’ sensor for tracking lung function Wing now available for $129

Using Wing, users are able to detect early declines in lung function and take action to prevent asthma attacks, even before any symptoms were noticed.
Nanit smart camera

The Nanit camera can study your baby’s sleep patterns

Using computer vision and machine learning algorithms, this smart camera can watch, study, and learn from your sleeping baby.
The BACtrack Skyn wearable alcohol biosensor is seen in an undated handout artist's rendering courtesy of BACtrack.

This wearable can measure blood alcohol content from a sweat

It takes about 45 minutes for ethanol to be transmitted through the skin, so BACtrack Skyn cannot be a real substitute for breathalyzers or blood tests.

2breathe is a $180 gadget that induces sleep

2breathe relies on modern connected technology to deliver the ancient wisdom of sleep-inducing breathing exercises in an easy and effective manner.
iHealth View

iHealth unveils a wireless wrist blood pressure monitor with its own display

With its display, the iHealth View Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor allows users to immediately view their results.