Withings launches new connected blood pressure monitors

Withings BPM Core ECG

Withings is launching BPM Core blood pressure monitor with ECG and stethoscope functionality in Europe, whereas in the U.S. it is bringing the new BPM Connect, a blood pressure monitor that can be used without a smartphone to see readings. Both devices work with the company’s Health Mate app, allowing users to share data with Apple’s Health app and other apps and platforms. Let’s briefly look at what each of these devices is all about, shall we?

BPM Core

Dubbed the “world’s most advanced at-home cardiovascular monitor,” BPM Core incorporates an ECG reader that can warn users about irregular heart rhythms like AFib. Moreover, the device can measure and record stethoscope readings — and can produce all these (heart rate, blood pressure and ECG) readings in one sitting in 90 seconds. From there, results are beamed to the Health Mate app, and then optionally shared with a personal cardiologist or physician.

The device has a rechargeable battery that is powered up by a micro USB port. BPM Core is now available in Europe from Apple.com, Apple Stores, and Withings’ website for €249.95 or £229.95. It is scheduled for a US release in Q3 this year, pending an FDA approval.

BPM Connect

The successor to Withings’ classic blood pressure monitor, the BPM Connect can be used even without a smartphone with an LED matrix displaying the readings. That, however, doesn’t mean that the data won’t be synced with the Health Mate app — that is still an option which allows users to (again) share their data with third parties.

Said LED matrix provides color-coded feedback glowing green for normal, orange for moderate and red for high blood pressure.

BPM Connect is available now in the US and Europe from Apple.com, Apple Stores, and Withings’ website for $99.95, €99.95 or £89.95.