M3DICINE’s Stethee is touted as the world’s first AI-enabled stethoscope


A company called M3DICINE is launching Stethee, touting it as the world’s first AI-enabled stethoscope system. Working as easily as a traditional stethoscope, Stethee allows users to listen to heart and lungs sounds with sophisticated amplification and filtering technology, and to instantly capture and analyze heart and lung sounds via Bluetooth to the Stethee mobile app, providing a whole new level of diagnostics capabilities.

The system includes three core products: The FDA-cleared Stethee Pro for medical and healthcare professionals, Stethee Vet for veterinarians and animal professionals, and Stethee Edu which was developed specifically as an education and research tool.

Behind the curtain, there’s the Stethee AI engine, named “Aida,” which can analyze heart and lung sounds to build a unique personal biometric signature. Aida also automatically tags geo-location and environmental data to each sample in real-time to provide a completely new dimension of data analytics for public health planning; for instance, with all this data doctors will be able to understand how environmental factors like humidity, temperature, pollen count or pollution affect our heart and lungs. Aida analyzes this encrypted and anonymized data in order learn and report back quantitative clinically actionable data to doctors, vets, and healthcare professionals.

“This most iconic and enduring symbol of healthcare is now reinvented, into an intelligent and sophisticated medical device — a powerful diagnostic assistant that becomes more intelligent the more it is used,” Nayyar Hussain, M.D., founder and CEO of M3DICINE, said in a statement. “The complementary Stethee apps bring the power of machine learning and deep neural networks to health professionals worldwide who can use this data not only to monitor the progress and health of individual patients, but collectively to uncover new patterns and trends to help in the fight against heart and lung disease globally.”

Stethee captures a wealth of rich clinical information in only 20 seconds. The sound and data from the device streams to any Bluetooth enabled device or wired headphones. From there, it gets analyzed to identify heart sounds and respiratory activity, as well as any patterns that might indicate a disease condition. The data is represented in real time in the Stethee App for easy understanding of vital signs, and can be shared with peers, caregivers or specialists anywhere in the world.

To make Stethee possible, M3DICINE has worked closely with designers and engineers from MIT, clinical experts from the Mayo Clinic, Texas A&M University; and cardiologists, nurses and allied health professionals from the UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. The entire development process of the Stethee System has adhered to the highest international design and safety standards and US FDA.

Now available online for pre-order from stethee.com, the device will begin shipping late February. Stethee Pro and Stethee Vet are available for $499, while Stethee Edu will be available summer 2018. Advanced AI-driven analytics and insights are available through Stethee Central, a subscription based web portal.