VitalConnect launches VitalPatch RTM, an extended holter tech for cardiac monitoring

In combination with a newly opened independent diagnostic testing facility, VitalConnect is advancing how patients are monitored for cardiac arrhythmias.

VitalPatch RTM

VitalConnect has launched its VitalPatch RTM cardiac monitoring solution for patients who require extended Holter monitoring. VitalPatch RTM monitors for 21 cardiac arrhythmias through an AI-based ECG analysis solution and captures data on four key vital signs, providing a more complete view of a patient’s condition. Patient data is collected continuously, in real-time, and stored on the secure VitalCloud, where physicians can view the patient’s status at any time — which is reportedly a unique capability for an extended Holter monitor.

How does it work?

VitalConnect’s VitalPatch RTM utilizes the proprietary VitalCore processor, ASIC chip, and Bluetooth to transfer clean, high-fidelity ECG data to the secure VitalCloud during the monitoring period. VitalPatch RTM uniquely provides continuous data on 4 key vital signs — heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, and activity — providing a more complete view of a patient’s condition. With cloud-based data capture, the final diagnostic report can be created with unprecedented speed as the device is not required for analysis.

VitalConnect is also introducing the first-of-its-kind Extended Holter NOW service, which offers an interim diagnostic report after five days of monitoring, providing additional insight that may shorten the monitoring period for select patients. The VitalPatch RTM biosensor is extremely patient friendly as it is slim, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to apply. These features help ensure high patient compliance for extended monitoring periods as patients have a flexible patch with no assembly or charging, ensuring minimal disruption for even the most active people.

As part of the launch of VitalPatch RTM, VitalConnect will monitor patients with its newly formed independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF). VitalConnect’s cardiac monitoring center will consist of nationally certified cardiographic and rhythm analysis technicians that will oversee patients’ continuous ECG and physiological data. The team will be enabled with proprietary, FDA-cleared AI developed by Cardiologs Technologies to support timely and accurate analysis of ECG data. Upon completion of a patient’s monitoring period, VitalConnect will provide prescribing physicians with a concise, clinically actionable, and comprehensive final report.

On the record

“Our VitalPatch RTM combines a state-of-the-art solution to comfortably monitor cardiac patients for arrhythmias while also sending important patient vital signs to the physician,” said Peter Van Haur, CEO of VitalConnect. “This solution not only offers an advancement in cardiac monitoring technology to the cardiology community, but continues to expand our footprint into healthcare markets that can benefit from the innovation that VitalConnect brings to patient care.”

“Our Extended Holter NOW solution benefits physicians through access to real-time and historic patient data, giving more insight into the condition of the patient,” said Dr. Joseph Roberson, Chief Medical Officer for VitalConnect. “Additionally, patients appreciate the ease and comfort of the device and the fact that it has the potential to shorten the time they need to be monitored. We believe this will be a breakthrough technology that truly benefits both cardiologists and their patients.”

The context

Founded in 2011, VitalConnect has deployed more than 100,000 patches across the world, including care facilities such as Hackensack Medical Center, Northwell Health, and John Radcliffe Hospital-Oxford University. The VitalPatch allows real-time remote or in-hospital monitoring, cardiac monitoring and a solution for monitoring patients with COVID-19, allowing physicians to monitor patients without necessarily taking up bed space needed for patients with more immediate needs and limiting exposure for patients and staff.