UCB taps Medisafe in development of digital companion for patient engagement

Digital companions are available for patients currently taking a UCB epilepsy therapy to manage this chronic condition through Medisafe's patient platform.


UCB has tapped digital therapeutics company Medisafe to develop branded digital drug companions for its epilepsy medications. The product-specific digital companions streamline access to existing resources, including financial assistance, patient diaries, and doctor discussion guides designed to support patients throughout their treatment journey.

What are the details?

UCB is launching two product-specific digital companions in November in support of National Epilepsy Awareness Month. It selected Medisafe because in a chronic condition like epilepsy, the consequences of missing medication doses may be severe. Medisafe’s platform to help patient adherence, combined with a new digital experience for users will deliver product and epilepsy-specific content to help support patients through medication challenges.

The Medisafe app is available to Android and iPhone users through both the Google play and Apple app stores. Patients can experience the epilepsy therapy resource centers within the Medisafe app, unlocking a world of advanced patient support and guidance as a result of this collaboration.

On the record

“We’re excited to work with UCB to create a new digital format that helps to empower patients throughout their entire journey from initiation through drug management to improved outcomes,” Omri Shor, founder and CEO of Medisafe, said in a statement. “Using digital therapeutics to accompany drug therapy has shown to increase awareness, improve engagement, and advance adherence, creating a trusted resource for patients to manage any challenges throughout their journey”

“At UCB, we focus on developing resources that deliver a purposeful impact to people living with epilepsy. As part of our ongoing digitalization efforts, the Medisafe app will allow us to continue supporting patients with new, innovative ways of navigating their health,” added Anita Moser, Head of Assets and Optimization for U.S. Neurology, UCB. “The ability to support patients digitally is more important than ever, and we are pleased to deliver personalized and immediate support directly to epilepsy patients and their caregivers to help alleviate the gap in care exacerbated by the COVID crisis.”

The context

Nearly 7 million users rely on Medisafe’s digital therapeutics platform, which applies real-world evidence to build connected medication management programs and influence patients’ behavior on therapy. UCB is working with Medisafe to raise awareness and drive engagement with a content-rich digital experience for patients to gain support and community throughout the course of their treatment.

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder affecting more than 3.4 million patients in the US. One in 26 people will develop epilepsy at some point in their lives.