UCB taps Medisafe in development of digital companion for patient engagement

Digital companions are available for patients currently taking a UCB epilepsy therapy to manage this chronic condition through Medisafe's patient platform.
Byteflies sensor

Byteflies develops wearable technology for UCB’s monitoring project

The company offers a unique toolkit of specialized wearables along with an accompanying data platform for the pharmaceutical industry and research groups.

UCB’s Wellness 4U is a wearables-enabled program for people living with immunologic disorders

The program aims to inspire positive behavior change, increase commitment to wellness and help improve the overall well-being.
MC10 Biostamp

MC10, UCB team-up over wearable solutions for patients with neurological disorders

The two companies will evaluate the integration of MC10's Biostamp platform with UCB's pharmaceutical products to make a positive difference in patients' lives.