UCB taps Medisafe in development of digital companion for patient engagement

Digital companions are available for patients currently taking a UCB epilepsy therapy to manage this chronic condition through Medisafe's patient platform.
EpiWatch app

EpiWatch ResearchKit study finds most seizures linked to stress

Stress was the most common trigger, linked to 37% of seizures, followed by lack of sleep (18%), menstruation (12%) and overexertion (11%).
ResearchKit example screen

New ResearchKit studies for autism, epilepsy and melanoma unveiled

Apple announced that researchers from Duke University, Johns Hopkins and Oregon Health & Science University are launching new medical studies using ResearchKit.
Apple Watch sensor

Johns Hopkins to use Apple Watch in the upcoming ResearchKit study on epilepsy

The research is looking to develop an effective method for predicting seizures; the apps for the study are now in beta testing, and should be out on Sept. 18.
Lycos Life purple

LYCOS launches Purple Band and Ring to support Epilepsy awareness

The App for Life will get new features that will detect abnormal movements and alert loved ones when the user is experiencing these symptoms or has fallen.
Empatica's Embrace wearable helps with epileptic seizures

Empatica’s Embrace wearable helps with epileptic seizures

The quiet, small device has a battery that can last for weeks, and will help measure stress, epileptic seizures, as well as activity and sleep.
WEMU smart clothing improves epilepsy monitoring, diagnosis

WEMU smart clothing improves epilepsy monitoring, diagnosis

The system has three components: a smart clothing (shirt + hat), smartphone app and cloud service, where data is uploaded and analyzed by doctors.
SAMi Smart Activity Monitor

Epilepsy Foundation launches Indiegogo campaign for iPhone-connected SAMi Smart Activity Monitor

The campaign, looking to raise $90,000, will run through June 13, 2014 with a goal to develop a next generation of the SAMi system.