South Korea’s Iriver unveils smart earbuds

Iriver smart earbuds

South Korean Iriver, which is known for its portable media devices, unveiled the Iriver ON, smart earbuds that can monitor one’s well-being during exercises.

Relying on Valencell’s PerformTek Precision Biometrics technology, the Iriver ON can accurately monitor real-time data such heart rate, distance, speed, cadence, VO2 max (aerobic fitness level) and calories burned. What’s more, this data can then be beamed to compatible apps to track one’s fitness and any other activity.

“We have been targeting licensees that fill key segments and distribution within the industry. Working with iriver is a tremendous opportunity for Valencell to associate with such a respected global brand,” said Valencell CEO and co-founder, Dr. Steven LeBoeuf. “The mobile apps and product offerings that PerformTek Biometrics enables are virtually endless, and we are looking forward to seeing several PerformTek-powered fitness monitoring products and applications in the marketplace.”

Alongside the earbuds, Iriver also plans to launch its own smartphone fitness app to make it easy for users to lead a more healthier lives.

[Via: Engadget]