Quick Fit is the fanciest seven-minute workout app we’ve seen

Quick Fit is the fanciest seven-minute workout app we've seen

You may’ve heard about trendy seven-minute workout concept, with few apps allowing you to easily keep track of these workouts. Now we have Quick Fit joining the trend, which unlike many other apps, isn’t free. Instead, it costs $1.99, while offering some extra bells and whistles in return.

Available via in-app purchases, the application offers expanded exercise selection to target different parts of the body, such as your abs. Another great thing about Quick Fit are clear demonstrations of the exercises being done as you’re going through the steps.

Other than that, Quick Fit is similar to other apps in the [seven-minute] “category,” allowing you to keep track of basic workout achievements, workout log and your weight. Nevertheless, we still think it’s worth 2 bucks as those few extras may push you to exercise more, which is the whole point of apps like these.

7 Minute Workout – Quick Fit ($1.99) [iTunes link]