health studies in Research app

The new Research app launches with three health studies

The Apple Heart and Movement, Women's Health and Hearing Studies are now open for enrollment in the U.S.
N1 app: wellness by experiment

Mount Sinai launches precision wellness N1 app

The app was designed to serve as a medical science tool for individuals to compare the effectiveness of wellness-related treatments for different people.
Facebook new health tools

Facebook launches the Preventive Health tool

The new tool, currently limited to users in the US, focuses on getting people information about cancer screenings, heart checkups, and flu vaccines.
New UnitedHealthcare app

UnitedHealthcare app updated with on-demand access to virtual visits

Eligible plan participants can use the app to schedule and conduct a Virtual Visit with a doctor, helping eliminate multiple sign-ins or separate apps.
Planned Parenthood Direct

Planned Parenthood Direct app now available in 27 states

The app provides a convenient way for people to access high-quality sexual and reproductive health care from Planned Parenthood's trusted, expert providers.

ONCOassist launches clinical trial search engine

The solution enables often busy and under pressure oncology clinicians to access relevant, up to date tools and content at their fingertips.
Kurbo by WW

WW launches Kurbo by WW targeting kids and teens

Based on 30 years of clinical nutrition and behavior change research, Kurbo by WW provides the tools and inspiration to adopt healthy habits.
Sitata app

Sitata’s traveler safety platform rebrands, launches in-app telehealth feature

Said feature connects travelers to doctors in Sitata's network that will provide access to video calls, advice, clinic visits and pre-trip consultations.

SoomSafety app notifies patients, caregivers and nurses of medical device recalls

It is the first of its kind mobile app to close the information gap between the U.S. FDA, manufacturers and medical device users.
Cerner 2019 code App Challenge

Cerner lanches an app challenge to improve consumer access to health records

With the 2019 code App Challenge, Cerner encourages innovators to build apps on its platforms that further transform health care.