older couple looking at a bill

Does Insurance Cover Digital Health Apps and Devices?

As with any new technology, whether insurance will cover the cost of digital health tools arises...
Music Health app

Walgreens taps Music Health to offer the Vera Music app that helps stir memories...

The app temporarily improves patients' quality of life and helps caregivers deliver more effective care with ease
Google Health Connect

Google makes its Health Connect app available in beta

And already we have leading health and fitness apps rolling out Health Connect integrations...
Deezer medication service

Music streaming service Deezer launching a meditation app soon?

A well-being app called Zen has been launched in Belgium with features that include guided yoga, meditation and inspiration
Cholesterol Whole Heart tracking

Hello Heart unveils a new feature for managing cholesterol

My Cholesterol will provide millions of users with clarity on their cholesterol and triglycerides trends through personalized insights and coaching
Higi mobile app

Babylon integrates its AI-powered Symptom Checker into Higi’s mobile app

This opens a new channel for proactive self-care health engagement for Higi's thousands of U.S. app users.
Carekeeper app

Telstra Health’s CareKeeper app launched for residential aged care

The app enables care staff to view, capture and document care by the resident's side in real-time via a mobile device.
All-new Eko App

Eko unveils screening solution to help catch heart disease early

FDA-cleared AI algorithms that detect leading indicators of heart disease are now available to healthcare professionals in the all-new Eko app.
Solv Health - Test Finder

Solv launches Test Finder for 25 tests

Functionality expands Solv testing capabilities beyond COVID-19 to meet the needs of today's digital-first patient.
Unwinding by Sharecare

Sharecare launches evidence-based mental wellness app

Unwinding by Sharecare applies research from world-renowned behavior change expert Dr. Jud Brewer, debuts mini-master class on financial stress.