Nuvenote surpasses 1,000 users milestone

Nuvenote surpasses 1,000 users milestone

Nuve SAS announced that its Nuvenote Software-as-a-Service has reached and surpassed 1,000 users milestone only 3 months after the launch and with almost no marketing budget!

The company launched its service in December 2013 to help doctors manage their patient records (EHRs) and take appointment notes in a simple way. Aiming at private practices, Nuvenote is accessible with almost every computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet.

The Nuvenote web-app aims at relieving healthcare practitioners in providing them an intuitive and secured patient records management tool as well as a smooth and efficient medical note taking tool at an affordable price of around 5 EUR per month.

“My co-founder and I found out that the use of medical software available around the world is often seen primarily as a constraint by healthcare practitioners. If they were not compelled to use Medical Software or EHR, most of them would prefer to use their notepad! This is due to several factors including the gap that exists between the ‘look and feel’ of the services they use at home and at work, both in terms of ergonomics, intelligence, performance, etc,” said Victor Debost Founder and CEO at Nuve SAS.

Available at launch in single user mode, Nuve SAS plans to quickly launch a multi-user version.