Patient education technology provider WelVU raises $1.25 million in seed money

On the heels of the integrated enterprise healthcare patient engagement platform launch earlier this month, WelVU managed to close an initial seed financing of $1.25 million. The company behind personalized patient education technology will use the fresh cash to develop requested product features, fuel marketing and sales and efforts, support client deployments, and work on improving readmission rates, patient satisfaction, health literacy and health outcomes.

WelVU’s platform combines the visual learning advantage of medical illustrations, the trusted voice of a healthcare provider, and patient’s personal clinical data to create a multimedia educational experience for the patient to reference and share long after they have left the exam room or hospital. Physicians, nurses, and educators create point-of-care educational videos and prescribe those videos directly to the patient for their review on a smartphone, tablet or computer. The resulting multimedia experience promises to extend the productivity of face-to-face care encounters while allowing organizations to begin measuring data around patients’ engagement with educational content.