Samsung Galaxy S5 will NOT be treated as medical equipment in South Korea

Samsung Galaxy S5

Despite rocking a built-in heart rate sensor, Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t get the medical equipment status in South Korea, local media is reporting. The country’s Food and Drug Safety Ministry said that the change of law is coming soon to accommodate devices like Samsung’s newly announced smartphone.

Under the current regulation, every device that can “diagnose, treat or prevent diseases” should be marked as medical equipment. An amendment to the law will be introduced in some 25 days to distinguish between heart rate sensors used for medical and leisure purposes. A similar regulation is already in place in Japan, UK and the US.

It makes perfect sense for Korea’s legislators to take this step, since taking the other route — designating the Galaxy S5 as a medical device — would open Pandora’s box with many of the upcoming smartphones expected to integrate the same sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released globally on April 11th.