An emergency room doctor in Israel using Google Glass to quickly access patient’s health records

An emergency room doctor in Israel using Google Glass to quickly access patient's health records

An emergency room doctor at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) Dr. Steve Horng was tending to a patient suffering from a massive brain bleed, and thanks to the Google Glass – he was able to see that the patient has severe allergic reactions to blood pressure medications.

“Google Glass enabled me to view this patient’s allergy information and current medication regimen without having to excuse myself to login to a computer, or even lose eye contact,” said Dr. Horng.

Because of this swift reaction, Horng believes that Google Glass helped save the patient from the chance of permanent disability or even death.

Horng is part of a pilot program at Beth Israel of about five doctors using custom version of the Google Glass, which were modified by the company called Wearable Intelligence.

Wearable Intelligence replaces the default Google Glass software with a special version of Android that is locked down for specific uses and contexts. For instance, doctors aren’t able to access social networks or even take the device off of the hospital Wi-Fi network. Moreover, as part of the customization, Google’s on-board speech recognition technology is replaced with much-better suited Nuance’s medical dictionary. That way, doctors are focused on the task ahead, without being interrupted with notifications and personal matters.

In addition to hospitals, Wearable Intelligence is also working on Glass software for other industries, like workers on the oil fields where employees need to follow complex checklists to safely do their jobs.

[Via: recode]