Google Glass

Trinity Health to test Glass Enterprise Edition for advancing tablet-free virtual care

The technology combines home visits by secondary caregivers with Glass and the video technologies of swyMed, a provider of video telemedicine technologies.

Augmedix gets $17M for its Google Glass-powered service for doctors

The company has developed a service that frees doctors from hours of mandated charting and documentation so they can get back to their core responsibility.

Aira.IO gets $2.5M for its smart glass navigation system for visually impaired users

The software connects users wearing Google Glass with trained navigation agents who provide audio instructions to guide users to their destination.
Google Glass Enterprise Edition

This is Google Glass Enterprise Edition

The upcoming model resembles its predecessor with few differences such as a larger prism display and a front light that turns on when the camera is in use.
Aira dashboard

Aira.IO completes trial of its Glass-enabled navigation tool for visually impaired

The company also closed seed round of funding worth $790,000; it expects to debut its technology platform to the public in the middle of 2016.
Autism Glass Project - a chiled with the Glass

Google Glass used to treat autism?

As part of the Autism Glass Project, researchers at Stanford are testing the device to help autistic children recognize and classify emotions.
Google Glass

Project Aura is the new name for the Google Glass project

Chances are Google will want to expand the reach of the project and eventually offer its head-mounted gear to the general public.
Charles Kunene

Interview with Charles Kunene, co-founder and product designer at Obaa

The company's flagship offering is called Prime, a platform to connect doctors to remote dermatologists through video visits on Google Glass.
Google Glass in the hospital

Google Glass saves lives at UMass Medical School

Researchers reported that six patients received antidotes which they wouldn't get if the residents had not used Google Glass to support their diagnosis.
Google Glass used to diagnose skin conditions

Google Glass used to diagnose skin conditions

A team of physicians at Rhode Island Hospital wanted to test Google Glass in real-time, video dermatological consultations.