Aira.IO completes trial of its Glass-enabled navigation tool for visually impaired

Aira dashboard

Aira.IO has completed a multi-site beta trial with 100 participants who tested the company’s Google Glass-based technology that helps visually impaired users navigate their surroundings.

Aira.IO has developed a dashboard that connects smart glasses — like those made by Google and Vuzix — and the perspective of the wearer to a group that functions like a mission control to provide live assistance from certified agents, family, friends and volunteers. The software also provides live data streams from cameras, GPS, and other sensor systems from wearable platforms.

Aira.IO’s trial involved 100 participants who were involved in a number of typical tasks they might carry out on a daily basis.The trials involved a number of typical tasks that users might carry out, such as navigating busy city streets and intersections, locating and identifying canned goods in a kitchen, selecting clothing in a simulated department store setting, shopping at a supermarket, ordering a beverage at a coffee shop, and traveling by foot and public transportation to specific locations.

For each of the tasks organizers noted the length of time it took users to complete it, the level of difficulty, success and confidence users had in completing activities with and without assistance.

In the other news, Aira.IO also announced closing of seed financing worth $790,000 from Lux Capital and ARCH Venture Partners. The company expects to debut its technology platform to the public in the middle of 2016.

[Via: MedCityNews]