AmblyoPlay brings its vision therapy solution for “lazy eye” to the U.S.

Game-based home therapy utilizes personalized training technology to actively treat amblyopia in both children and adults.
Seeing AI

Microsoft’s new iPhone app describes the world to the visually impaired

Called Seeing AI, it uses computer vision which is built inside the app to deliver results in a fraction of a second.

Relúmĭno is a VR-enabled smart aid for the visually impaired

A project of Samsung's C-Lab, the application is made to work with Gear VR to serve as a smart aid for the near blind and visually impaired.
Color Binoculars

Microsoft’s new app helps the colorblind get around colors

Called Color Binoculars, it uses filters and the iPhone's camera to see the differences between colors, if not the colors themselves.
Cities Unlocked

Microsoft revamps its navigation headphones for the visually impaired

The device, which provides audio prompts and directional clues with a help of a Bluetooth-connected smartphone, has been redesigned to sit over the ears.
Sunu sonar smart-bracelet

Sunu’s sonar smart-bracelet provides independence for the visually impaired

The Sunu Band connects to the Sunu Tag locator beacons, and can also tell time via discreet vibrations; it is available through Indiegogo for as little as $159.
Aira dashboard

Aira.IO completes trial of its Glass-enabled navigation tool for visually impaired

The company also closed seed round of funding worth $790,000; it expects to debut its technology platform to the public in the middle of 2016.
IBM, Carnegie Mellon create open platform to help the blind navigate surroundings

IBM, Carnegie Mellon create open platform to help the blind navigate surroundings

Researchers also unveiled a pilot app that uses existing sensors and cognitive technologies to inform blind people on the CMU campus about their surroundings.
smart cane for the blind

A smart cane can help the blind recognize familiar faces

Dubbed XploR mobility cane, the device uses smartphone technology such as GPS, camera and Bluetooth to recognize familiar faces from up to 10 meters away.

A new service tracks the progression of vision damaging diseases

The mVT Service, which is available only by prescription, works with a companion app that can be used on any Apple smartphone or tablet.