Relúmĭno is a VR-enabled smart aid for the visually impaired


Samsung keeps unveiling new projects from its Creative Lab (C-Lab). The latest cohort includes 4 AR/VR projects, one of which we at mHealthSpot find especially interesting.

Called Relúmĭno, it is an app that works with Gear VR to serve as a smart aid for the visually impaired. Designed to enhance reading and television viewing experiences for the near blind or visually impaired people, it enhances words and visuals to they can be viewed with better quality. Also, the technology can remap blind spots by displacing images.

In addition, Relúmĭno uses the Amlser grid chart (a tool used by eye doctors) to correct distorted images caused by metamorphopsia.

Three other, non-mHealth-related projects, unveiled by C-Lab include Monitorless which is a remote-control VR/AR solution that enables consumers to use devices such as smartphones and PCs without a monitor, VuildUs – a VR-enabled home interior and furnishing solution, and TraVRer – a 360-degree video platform that enables users to experience realistic virtual travel before and after a real-life trip.

All projects will be on display at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“We continue to support new ideas and creativity, especially when these traits could lead to new experiences for consumers,” Lee Jae Il, vice president of Samsung Electronics Creativity & Innovation Center, said in a statement. “These latest examples of C-Lab projects are a reminder that we have some talented entrepreneurial people who are unafraid to break new ground.”

Samsung launched C-Lab back in 2012 to help its workers develop ideas away from their core duties.