Praxify’s tech builds on top of existing EHRs to save physician’s time

Praxify app

During the recent HIMSS conference in Orlando, a company called Praxify launched two solutions that promise to make life easier for payers, providers, and patients. The first, called MIRA, is a mobile app designed to improve EHR usability and performance, and the other — SIYA — is a care management workflow solution.

“It is no secret that physicians today have ‘point and click fatigue’ when it comes to the EHR, leading to higher rates of physician burnout, lower physician productivity, and most importantly, lower patient satisfaction,” Ram Sahasranam, President and Co-Founder of Praxify, said in a statement. “Our company has developed proven technologies that help EHRs work the way they should: to enhance the patient-provider encounter, streamline workflows and enable physicians to consume clinical insights.”

The MIRA app adds a mobile-based augmentation layer to an organization’s existing EHR, making it much faster and easier for physicians to use. Specifically, MIRA speeds up and improves the chart review process by collecting, analyzing, and displaying relevant patient data in a glance-able interface. Furthermore, MIRA helps physicians complete documentation and orders faster with a voice-activated digital assistant and context-aware, adaptable templates.

Praxify also announced that Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida, recently implemented its technology to streamline clinical workflows and provide its physicians with clinical insights at the point of care. In a preliminary study, physicians at Nicklaus who used Praxify’s MIRA technology for the first time improved their documentation and order creation speed by 30% over their existing processes.

“Praxify has built a platform that emulates clinical workflows, and an environment that makes users feel like nothing has changed,” Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO of Miami Children’s Health System, said in a statement. “With clinical intelligence built into the product, the technology provides smart guidance which differentiates Praxify’s solutions from any other technology in the marketplace today.”