Apple health app update

Apple’s Health platform updated with secure sharing and new insights

iPhone and Apple Watch users now have the ability to share health data with loved ones or a care network, view Trends, and measure their Walking Steadiness.

PatientKeeper’s mobile app integrates with MEDITECH Expanse Hospital EHR system

The app now enables providers at Frankfort Regional Medical Center to view patient data stored in Expanse on their smartphones and tablets.
Apple Health Records

Health Records on iPhone come to the UK and Canada

Oxford University Hospitals and Women's College Hospital are among the first healthcare institutions to make this feature available to their patients.
electronic health information

HHS finalizes rules to provide patients with more control of their health data

Final rules require access to health information, spur innovation and aim to end information blocking.
Google building

WSJ: Google was collecting millions of Americans’ health data

The search giant has secretly been accumulating the health data of millions of Americans from 21 different states, in partnership with Ascension.
health records

Majority of patients with access to electronic health records not using it

Only about one in 10 discharged hospital patients with access to their electronic medical records go online to take a look.
health data

CMS launches new pilot program to provide patients access to their health data

Dubbed Data at the Point of Care (DPC), it aims to fill information gaps and offer a more complete picture of a patient's health and history.
medical records

Big Tech working with healthcare companies to make health data easier to access

Representatives from the big tech and health plans said they want to help consumers get access to their medical claims data via an app of their choosing.
Cerner 2019 code App Challenge

Cerner lanches an app challenge to improve consumer access to health records

With the 2019 code App Challenge, Cerner encourages innovators to build apps on its platforms that further transform health care.
Apple VA health records

Apple officially announces Health Records feature for veterans

Once ready, it will let American veterans receiving care through the Veterans Health Administration view their aggregated health records on their iPhone.