PatientKeeper’s mobile app integrates with MEDITECH Expanse Hospital EHR system

The app now enables providers at Frankfort Regional Medical Center to view patient data stored in Expanse on their smartphones and tablets.


Provider of electronic health records (EHR) optimization software solutions PatientKeeper announced it has integrated its mobile app with the MEDITECH Expanse hospital EHR system, enabling healthcare providers to view inpatient data stored in Expanse on their iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Why does it matter?

Through the PatientKeeper app, physicians and advanced practice clinicians at FRMC have anytime, anywhere access to a comprehensive set of clinical data from virtually any device. In the future, providers will be able to write their clinical documentation in PatientKeeper NoteWriter and store it in Expanse with the patient record. Information currently accessible in the PatientKeeper app includes:

  • Patient List – See an accurate, up-to-date list of your patients and their current locations to streamline rounds.
  • Vital Signs and I/O’s – Review the patient’s current condition with an at-a-glance presentation of temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs as well as input/output measurements.
  • Lab Results – Access and trend lab results and quickly see out-of-range values and review annotations.
  • Test Results – Quickly review PACS images, pink paper EKGs, microbiology, radiology and pathology reports – all in one place.
  • Clinical Notes – View all clinical notes including H&P, progress, consult, discharge, and operative notes.
  • Medication List – Review the patient’s current medications and see the history of discontinued meds. You can also see administration history (including skipped doses).
  • Allergies – Review patient’s known allergies, including substance and a description of any reaction.
  • Order Status – Monitor the status of all recent orders on the patient.
On the record

“Providers throughout the HCA Healthcare network have been using PatientKeeper to complement our MEDITECH Magic EHR for years, and one of the most popular capabilities is the ability to access patient data through the PatientKeeper mobile app,” said Dr. Brad Kehler, Vice President, Clinical Informatics, at HCA Healthcare’s Clinical Operations Group. “This newest integration with MEDITECH Expanse brings the proven value of mobile access to patient data to our providers at Expanse-based facilities.”

“I have been waiting for a mobile platform for MEDITECH for years and PatientKeeper met my expectations. It is a game-changer,” said Tim Bowling, MD, a general surgeon at Frankfort Regional Medical Center (FRMC) in Frankfort, Kentucky – which was one of the first to offer its physicians the PatientKeeper app. “To have patient information at your fingertips on a moment’s notice is not only convenient but it absolutely aids patient care. Using technologies such as PatientKeeper gives me time back in my day that would otherwise be wasted logging or remoting in.”

The context

Expanse is MEDITECH’s newest acute care EHR system. PatientKeeper has a long history of optimizing MEDTECH EHRs for providers; PatientKeeper’s mobile app has been integrated with MEDITECH’s MAGIC and Client/Server EHR systems for many years.