Maker of the free EHR platform raises $2.69 million


The company behind a free Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform drchrono has managed to raise an additional $2.69 million in convertible debt funding. Some of the investors include Runa Capital, Maxfield Capital, FundersClub, Bruno Bowden, Silicon Valley Bank and Box, Inc among others. In addition to the $4.13M the company has previously raised, this brings the company’s total funding to $6.77M.

drchrono works to allow doctors and patients to easily connect with one another, share critical data, and “push the limits of the medical industry.” The company has web apps, iOS and Android apps, and also an API, to enable doctors to leverage its EHR platform to move healthcare data between the platform and other important sources like medical devices and hospitals.

The new cash will be used to invest in the new healthcare API so drchrono partners can leverage the powerful medical records, practice management and the medical billing platform. The company has more than 2.6 million patients and 60,000+ physicians that developers can leverage. More than 480 million dollars per year in medical billing is being processed through the healthcare platform, and drchrono founders say the platform is at critical mass and accelerating.