Biohacking Congress

Virtual Biohacking Congress is Coming on July 17th: Here’s Why You Should Attend

Join Biohacking Congress on July 17th to get practical tips and tricks for Health Optimization, Performance Optimization, and Longevity.
Fitbit homepage

Singapore, Fitbit team-up over a nationwide public health program

This is Fitbit's first major integration of a digital health platform and wearables into a national public health program globally.
digital health

Canada launches the Digital Health and Discovery Platform

Through the new platform, researchers and doctors will work on development of new treatments to help to find cures for diseases that affect Canadians.
Qualcomm Life Ecosystem

Qualcomm Life expands its offering to enable data-driven insights across the continuum of care

New offerings make data more visible and actionable, empowering clinicians and caregivers to make better insight-based decisions about their patients.
Ada - Global Health Initiative

Ada launches the Global Health Initiative, announces new partnerships

The company will now also become the first AI-based medical app to be offered in Swahili.
StartUp Health Festival 2018

StartUp Health raises $31M for its second fund

StartUp Health Transformer Fund II will invest in and support companies around the world focused on health moonshots.
Livongo Health package

Livongo announces a cellular-enabled blood pressure monitoring system

The new system allows blood pressure data to transfer seamlessly from "Cuff to Cloud," enabling easy checking and reporting from home.
Beam app

New service launches to bring the power of mobile to small practices

Called Beam, it lets small practices easily bill insurance for the virtual care they deliver, as well as attract and retain busy patients.
Cigna Ventures

Cigna Ventures launches with $250M to invest in digital health startups

The new VC arm builds on the company's existing venture activity, including collaboration with five venture capital partners.
Opternative vision test

Opternative launches mobile-only vision test

The web-based, voice-activated vision test allows users to renew their prescription online using only a mobile device, even if their prescription has changed.