FemTec Health’s new brand Awesome Woman aims to bring personalized health and wellness to women

The monthly digital health subscription includes unlimited telehealth visits, prescription delivery and science-based personalized products.

FemTec Health

FemTec Health is launching Awesome Woman, a unified and coordinated healthcare platform that provides a continuum of care for women at all stages of their lives. From unlimited telehealth services and prescription delivery, to personalized probiotics and supplements, Awesome Woman’s direct-to-consumer subscription health and wellness platform covers women from adolescence to menopause and everything in between.

The Awesome Woman platform is powered by data science, AI and machine learning to translate a woman’s health data like genomics, genetics, and historical healthcare data, into personalized products and services. In addition to FemTec Health’s direct to consumer offerings including Awesome Woman and Birchbox, the company also works with employers, health plans, and providers.

How does it work?

Each woman has a choice of the journey they’d like their products and services to be centered around. Therapeutic focus areas at launch include vaginal and urinary health, wellness and prevention, reproductive health, hormone balance, beauty, and sexual wellness. Awesome Women’s unlimited telehealth services offer 24/7 support from a team of doctors and specialists who specialize in women’s health. Additionally, included in the monthly Awesome Woman experience is a variety of at-home diagnostic tests which provide vital health information to customize products matched to her body’s needs and her chosen focus area.

The products include personalized probiotics, vitamins and supplements that can help to build immunity, fill nutritional gaps, hydrate and so much more, as well as at-home diagnostic tests including pH, UTI, hormones, and pregnancy. The full-service subscription cost is $99 per month with $2.50 donated to women’s causes. An entry level, $5 option will also be available to subscribers who wish to access content and buy products and services on an individual basis.

Additional services in the coming months ahead, include science-backed beauty products and a wide variety of women’s health tests. As subscribers grow, the powerful BiomeAI technology platform with AI and machine learning capabilities, will further enhance personalization and provide predictive analytics for preventive care.

Awesome Woman’s science-based products have been created by a team of well-known doctors and scientists, led by FemTec Health’s Chief Science Officer Dr. Kimberly Capone, formerly of Johnson and Johnson.

On the record

“Part of the problem with the healthcare system is that it is so fragmented and disjointed. Women have to see so many different providers who, most often, don’t talk to each other. Many of the healthcare issues women face are interconnected which is why we believe in looking at the ‘whole woman’ and joining the dots to solve issues. There is an urgent need based on consumer research, for help with menopause and reproductive healthcare,” Dr. Kimberly Capone said.

“At Awesome Woman, we believe in the ‘Power of V’. We know that our fingerprints set us apart as humans and our vaginal microbiome is what makes us unique as women. So, whether we’re searching for answers in the areas of reproductive health, like fertility and conception, or sexual wellness-UTIs, STDs and vaginal dryness-period issues, the vaginal microbiome is a fascinating place to start,” added Dr. Capone.

“It’s no secret that women’s healthcare is broken. Even though women make up 52% of the population and 80% of healthcare decisions at the family level are made by women, our healthcare system is not designed to meet their needs. At Awesome Woman we celebrate women and embrace the power of their voices to put them at the center of the conversation about their healthcare,” said FemTec Health founder Dr. Kimon Angelides. “For too long, women’s healthcare has been at the back of the line. Many of the so-called ‘solutions’ are borrowed from general medicine or men’s health research. A lot less time and funding has gone into figuring out a holistic approach to meeting women’s needs. We have set out to fix the one-size-fits-all approach to women’s health.”

The context

Publicly launched in October 2021, FemTec Health was founded by renowned digital healthcare disruptor and entrepreneur, Dr. Kimon Angelides. Angelides founded digital health tech companies Diabetes America, Vivante Health and EosHealth, now Livongo. Dr. Angelides has brought together a female-led team with decades of experience across healthcare, wellness, and consumer products in public and private companies.