Current Health taps Zoom to enable accessible care in the home

Through integration, patients can more easily connect with care teams regardless of bandwidth connectivity or language barriers.

Current Health

Current Health announced an integration with Zoom, allowing health systems and their patients to launch the video conferencing service directly from its care-at-home platform. As a telehealth market leader used by 9 out of 10 hospitals ranked by U.S. News, Zoom will provide Current Health customers with enhanced video communications platform capabilities that expand their ability to deliver safe and effective virtual care services.

Why does it matter?

As healthcare organizations look to deliver more care at home, video communication is an important tool to help assess and treat patients remotely. However, virtual communications come with new accessibility challenges.

Current Health’s integration with Zoom improves the patient experience and reduces barriers to access by providing more reliable virtual communications, even for patients with limited or low latency network bandwidth. The integration also provides the ability for multiple participants to join a telehealth session, allowing healthcare providers to discuss a patient’s diagnosis or treatment plan with an extended team of caregivers or family members. Additionally, interpreters can now be included in telehealth visits to enable better communication between the provider and patient and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.

To take advantage of Current Health’s new Zoom integration, patients and their loved ones can simply connect to a telehealth visit using their own mobile or tablet device without ever having to download the Zoom application.

On the record

“Our mission is to deliver quality care for all people in the most seamless ways possible,” said Chris McCann, CEO and Founder of Current Health. “We know that home-based care reduces complications for at-risk populations and cuts costs by 30% for health systems. With this Zoom integration, we aim to build upon these benefits by empowering healthcare providers to replicate the in-person experience in the home to deliver best of breed diagnosis and care at scale.”

“At Zoom, we’re all about bringing people together – despite physical limitations. We’re proud to have so many health systems rely on us to connect them with their patients outside of the hospital, and we take this responsibility to help deliver a superior virtual care experience seriously,” said Paul Magnaghi, Global Leader ISV Partner Program at Zoom. “By teaming up with Current Health, we look forward to connecting more health systems with patients and their loved ones.”

The context

Owned by Best Buy Health, Current Health offers an enterprise care-at-home platform to enable healthcare organizations to deliver high-quality, patient-centric care at a lower cost. The company integrates patient-reported data with data from biosensors to provide healthcare organizations with actionable, real-time insights into the patient’s condition.

The Current Health platform brings together telehealth capabilities, patient engagement tools, and in-home connectivity to provide a single solution to manage all care in the home.