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How Telehealth is Changing Healthcare Across the Globe

According to McKinsey & Company, the use of telehealth services has stabilized at levels 38 times higher than pre-Covid times.

mPharma taps TytoCare to bring telehealth to pharmacies in Africa

The two companies have already seen success in improving healthcare access in remote communities throughout Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, and Nigeria.
reSET digital therapeutic

Pear Therapeutics to offer its digital therapeutics through telehealth partners

The company's first telehealth offering is with PursueCare to offer patients an end-to-end virtual continuum of comprehensive addiction recovery care.
Teladoc - Virtual Care Transformation Model

Teladoc Health unveils Virtual Care Transformation Model for employers

This new kind of framework provides a clear roadmap to evolve virtual health care benefits.
Current Health

Current Health taps Zoom to enable accessible care in the home

Through integration, patients can more easily connect with care teams regardless of bandwidth connectivity or language barriers.
Teladoc Health website

Teladoc Health launches a unified chronic condition management experience

The Chronic Care Complete is dubbed the first-of-its-kind chronic condition management solution to help individuals improve their health outcomes.

MDLIVE launches patient health monitoring for people living with chronic conditions

The new capability empowers MDLIVE virtual primary care providers to better support patients managing conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Telemedicine beyond the COVID-19 era: the future of mental health services

As the pandemic surged, many non-COVID patients opted to stay home to avoid the risk of infection, prompting the use of telemedicine to skyrocket.
The Clinic

The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic taps ReviveHealth to offer members virtual second opinions on...

Collaboration will provide an innovative approach to care delivery, improving quality and outcomes while reducing costs.

How to Choose a Telehealth Platform for Best-In-Class Virtual Care

To achieve enhanced care, a telehealth platform blends technologies such as mHealth, video and audio software solutions, remote patient monitoring and more.