Pear Therapeutics to offer its digital therapeutics through telehealth partners

The company's first telehealth offering is with PursueCare to offer patients an end-to-end virtual continuum of comprehensive addiction recovery care.

reSET digital therapeutic

Prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) developer Pear Therapeutics announced a program to offer patients seeking treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) or opioid use disorder (OUD) access to a telehealth provider through its “find a provider tool”, along with in-person care options.

Why does it matter?

Pear intends to work with select telehealth providers to help connect patients with a clinician in their state to talk about treatment options, including Pear’s FDA-authorized PDTs reSET and reSET-O. Pear’s first telehealth offering included in this program is with PursueCare, a leading telehealth addiction treatment provider with a digital health model for SUD and OUD treatment.

By working with telehealth providers, Pear can provide an integrated virtual treatment continuum to give patients access to learn about its 24/7 evidence-based therapeutic that can complement their remote outpatient medical treatment and therapy. PursueCare’s virtual care platform and programs deliver Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), counseling, psychiatry, delivery pharmacy, at-home screenings, and targeted case management through a simple-to-use app. Pear’s offering with PursueCare has already launched in select markets across PursueCare’s 12-state footprint with expansion to additional states planned.

On the record

“We find patients are often required to piece together their treatment like a puzzle. By bringing together and standardizing delivery of comprehensive at-home and digital care solutions, we put the patient at the center and bring them the resources and proven remote behavioral interventions they need, along with treatment from skilled clinicians who can help them navigate their journey,” said Nick Mercadante, PursueCare’s Founder and CEO. “I believe this approach truly drives value-based care and is too often lacking for people who have a substance use disorder and are seeking access to recovery treatment.”

“About only one in 10 Americans with a substance use disorder receives any type of specialty treatment. Barriers to care can include not having access to in-person therapy or long waiting periods to engage care. The power of Pear working with telehealth providers like PursueCare is meeting patients where they are,” said Corey McCann, M.D., Ph.D., Pear’s President and CEO. “We need to make it easier for patients with addiction to seek and learn about treatment options for recovery. By providing innovative, fully virtual evidence-based care and treatment, we can create equity of access, and remove many of the obstacles associated with treatment.”

The context

The US has seen an unprecedented increase in drug use and overdose deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic, exacerbated by challenges for people living in isolation or with few viable treatment resources available. Remote and digital care solutions can help to combat these issues and unlike traditional in-person care and medication, telehealth and PDTs can collect real-world data for use by prescribing clinicians and for population health management by payors and health systems.