Virtual Biohacking Congress is Coming on July 17th: Here’s Why You Should Attend

Biohacking Congress

Join Biohacking Congress on July 17th to get practical tips and tricks for Health Optimization, Performance Optimization, and Longevity at lectures and keynote speeches of the industry experts, discover new technologies and solutions.

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Time: 9 am PT | 12 pm ET | 4 pm GMT | 5 pm UK

The event will consist of:

  • Enlightening Lectures and Keynote Speeches;
  • Performance of selected DigitalHealth, BioTech, MedTech, and Health Startups;
  • Virtual demo-rooms of selected ecological products, digital health devices, and solutions.

Become a part of our community!

Meet like-minded people, friends, potential partners, and clients.

Perhaps it will change your life!

BiohackingCongress wants to create a world in which millions more people are engaged with their health, and living happy, wholesome, and long lives.

At the BiohackingCongress on July 17th, there will be such lectures and keynote speeches:

  • Biohacking for Health Optimisation, and Longevity.
  • Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) and Technologies (HoT).
  • Biohacking & Health Optimisation the timing of your day. Food, exercise & sleep. Circadian Optimisation.
  • Quantified Biohacking – Data-Driven Personal Optimization.
  • How to extend human healthspan by a decade within a decade through the prevention of disease, starting with cancer.
  • Women’s Biohacking – i.e. Biohacking through the four phases of the female hormone cycle.
  • And More!

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We are looking forward to meeting you!