Primary care provider Crossover Health launches online community – Be Well

Be Well is described as the first comprehensive care programming resource that is integrated into the care team's prescribing resources.

Crossover Health - Be Well

Crossover Health launched the Be Well online health and wellbeing community, which contains a multimedia library of health content and programs that serve as an extension of the company’s Primary Health model of relationship-based, integrated healthcare delivery. Designed to improve health outcomes by building trusted relationships and empowering members to take a proactive approach to their health, Be Well is the first comprehensive care programming resource that is integrated into the care team’s prescribing resources.

How does it work?

Launching with six-core clinical areas and soon scaling to more than 30, the Be Well proprietary content is designed with peer review oversight by the Crossover clinical team and prioritized for release based on social determinants of health data tied to the unique needs of Crossover members. Content from Be Well can be prescribed by the entire national network of Crossover providers as part of their regular visits, and members can benefit from free fitness classes, discover new skills (such as how to cook simple, healthy meals), read about chronic diseases and how to avoid or manage them, and learn about topical health issues. It is a significant step as Crossover extends its focus on building a community of members engaged around improving their health and wellbeing.

On the record

“To provide industry-leading outcomes and break the cost curve, we have to engage our members on a journey of change. That starts with believing that simply not being sick is not good enough,” said Stephen Ezeji-Okoye, MD, chief medical officer, Crossover Health. “Be Well enables Crossover to support more than immediate reactive care needs; it enables providers to partner with individuals to obtain their highest level of proactive health and wellbeing, which is a win-win for everyone.”

“From day one, our goal has been to create a place where people embrace the idea of living their healthiest life possible, no matter their current health status. To do that means to transform people’s relationships with their health, and to arm providers with more than prescription pads,” said Scott Shreeve, MD, founder and chief executive officer, Crossover Health. “Be Well is one more resource in our care teams’ toolkit and we hope it encourages members to start a relationship with us before they need care, and to continue to engage with us in the ongoing pursuit of their health goals,” continued Shreeve.

The context

Be Well represents the decade-long evolution of the proven Crossover care model. Data shows that up to 80% of what makes us healthy is influenced by our behaviors and our environment, and only 20% is due to medical intervention. By moving beyond the traditional health and fitness app, Be Well engages members on their health journey and addresses key areas of screening, prevention, determinants of health, chronic disease management and issues personal to each member. The seamless integration of personalized care delivery with custom health improvement content creates a new industry standard in healthcare.