Amazon working to expand its healthcare service

After piloting its primary care and urgent care service in-house, Amazon Care is heading to 20 other metro areas.

Amazon Care

Amazon Care is no longer a company-only service with the tech giant launching the service to other companies in Washington state earlier this year.

That, as we’ve suspected, was just act one — with the next act involving expansion to 20 additional metro areas this year and in 2022, according to Insider.

Amazon Care includes a mobile app that is coupled with virtual visits with registered nurses. From there on, if an in-person visit is recommended, a mobile care nurse can be dispatched to that person’s home to collect lab samples, administer vaccines, and test for common conditions.

The service also takes advantage of Amazon’s capability to deliver medications to people who need them.

The telehealth service is already available in a few states, including Washington, California, Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Maryland and Washington D.C. But access to in-person services is currently limited to Washington state, Washington D.C., and Baltimore.

Later in the year, in-person services are planned to be expanded to Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas and Boston, with 16 additional metros coming in 2022.

This is rather impressive considering that Amazon Care was started as a service to only “cover” Amazon’s own employees. Today, it has 40,000 people enrolled in the service, including Peloton’s subsidiary Precor.