Amazon Echo physician

Amazon Care launches for Seattle-area employees

The new on-demand healthcare service blends virtual medicine with in-house visits if the condition can't be diagnosed or treated remotely.
Amazon Echo physician

AWS launches Amazon Transcribe Medical

The service makes it easy for developers to integrate medical transcription into applications that help physicians do clinical documentation efficiently.
Amazon Alexa speaker

Amazon Alexa gets medication management features

The company has teamed up with Omnicell to launch this experience, and these new Alexa capabilities will be available to Giant Eagle Pharmacy customers.
Amazon Care

Amazon Care launched for the company’s Seattle-based employees

The virtual primary care clinic is currently in the pilot phase, offering a combination of telemedicine and in-person services.
Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa now serves NHS health advice in the UK

Users are able to ask questions and get expert health advice using Amazon Alexa devices, under a partnership with the NHS.
Amazon emotion patent

Amazon working on a tech to detect your emotional state

The company is reportedly developing a wrist-worn device that would determine your emotions to make helpful suggestions and sell you products.
Amazon Alexa HIPAA skills

Amazon Alexa is now HIPAA compliant

Also announced were six Alexa healthcare skills from leading healthcare providers, payors, pharmacy benefit managers and digital health coaching companies.
Amazon building

Amazon looking to mine patient records to more accurately diagnose diseases

The project called Amazon Comprehend Medical will allow developers to process unstructured medical text and identify a multitude of patient information.
Amazon digital health devices

Amazon Choice digital health products coming soon

Developed by Arcadia Group, these devices include connected blood pressure cuffs and glucose monitors.
digital health

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase team-up over their U.S. employee healthcare

The three companies want to cut healthcare costs for their own employees, but chances are they won't stop there...