Amazon announces Halo View activity tracker with screen, Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition services

New Halo View health tracker features an AMOLED color display for at-a-glance metrics and comes bundled with a full year of Halo membership.

Amazon Halo View

We knew that Amazon Halo was just the first device from the retail/cloud giant. Well, now we have the second one and it’s called Amazon Halo View, which was announced alongside two services – Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition. Let’s take a look at all of these new offerings, shall we?

Amazon Halo View

Unlike the original Halo wristband, Halo View features a vibrant AMOLED color display with haptic feedback — offering easy access to activity, sleep scores, blood oxygen levels, live workout tracking, text and move notifications, and more. Its “sleek capsule” includes multiple sensors to provide highly accurate information to power Halo health insights, with an optical sensor to monitor heart rate and blood oxygen, a skin temperature sensor, and an accelerometer.

Halo View is lightweight and swim-proof, with up to seven days of battery life, and can fully charge in under 90 minutes. It comes in three sport band colors — Active Black, Sage Green, and Lavender Dream — with additional accessory band options also available.

Amazon claims that multiple layers of privacy and security are built into Halo hardware and the service to keep data safe and in customers’ control. Plus, all Halo health data is encrypted in transit and at rest in the cloud, and customers can download or delete their Halo health data at any time directly from the Halo app. Halo View also offers customers the ability to PIN-protect access to on-device Halo health data. Learn more about Amazon Halo privacy features.

Halo Fitness

Halo Fitness offers customers hundreds of exclusive, studio-quality workouts for all fitness levels that are led by popular Halo coaches — including Michael Hildebrand, Elena Cheung, and Elizabeth Andrews, and trusted industry experts such as physical therapist Dr. Jen Fraboni, founder of the Mobility Method, and Francheska Martinez, a specialist in bodyweight and mobility training. At launch, Halo members can choose from cardio, strength, yoga, outdoor, and mobility classes, with new content rolling out regularly.

Integration with Halo View or Halo Band allows members to see real time fitness metrics such as heart rate and heart rate intensity zone as an on-display overlay, so they can train smarter and optimize every workout. Halo Fitness joins the extensive library of premium fitness content already available from brands including rē•spin by Halle Berry, Orangetheory Fitness, and SWEAT, giving members even more workout options to fit their individual goals.

Halo Nutrition

The new Halo Nutrition experience is designed to support members in building healthy eating habits they can sustain. It features personalized, time-saving tools to discover delicious, nutrient-rich recipes or plan out a week of healthful eating. Members can customize their experience to account for specific allergies and preferences, build a tailored meal plan, or select from one of seven pre-curated menus: classic, keto, Mediterranean, Nordic, paleo, vegan, and vegetarian.

Members can also browse a library of more than 500 recipes from partners including WW, Lifesum, and Whole Foods Market, and easily add ingredients and groceries they need for their meal plan to their existing Alexa Shopping list — streamlining all grocery needs into one place.

On the record

“Customers tell us Halo is having a meaningful impact on their lives, offering important insights and tools they need to meet their health goals,” said Melissa Cha, vice president, Amazon Halo. “We’re excited to add even more to Halo, with new experiences to help members work out and nourish their bodies, plus Halo View-a new fitness tracker that adds a display, lowers the price, and comes bundled with a full year of Halo membership included for just $79.99. These new additions are a significant step forward in our mission to offer a great value service that’s always getting better, and enable customers to better understand their health.”

Pricing and availability

Halo View comes bundled with one year of Halo membership for just $79.99, and will start shipping in time for the holidays. Customers have more choices than ever in picking a band to fit their style: Sport bands are available in 15 colors starting at $14.99 each, in addition to fabric bands in eight colors, leather bands in tan and black, and metal band options, which are all $29.99 each.

Halo Fitness content will start rolling out to members in the Halo app later this year, with live personalized fitness metrics coming next year. Halo Nutrition will be available in January 2022. Both Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition are included as part of the Halo membership.