Onduo to provide its members with Fitbit devices and services

The Fitbit experience alongside Onduo provides members with a more comprehensive view of how all aspects of their health and wellbeing fit together.

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Onduo, which is part of Alphabet’s life sciences subsidiary Verily, announced that it will offer Fitbit devices and Fitbit Premium as part of the company’s approach to “whole person health.”

Why does it matter?

Offering the Fitbit experience alongside Onduo’s multi-condition platform that supports people managing one or more chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension or mental health conditions, gives members access to a more comprehensive view of how all aspects of their health and wellbeing fit together, including activity, sleep and stress, to help participants better manage their health and build a routine that works for them. Available to employees who enroll in an Onduo program supported through their employer, participants will have the opportunity to request a Fitbit device seamlessly through the Onduo experience.

Eligible Onduo members will have access to a Fitbit Inspire 2 device and Fitbit Premium, which offers guided programs, personalized insights and advanced analytics about your health and wellness, 500+ workouts, mindfulness and nutrition content, and more. Participants can also engage with friends, family and millions of other members of the Fitbit global community for added motivation and to inspire positive behavior change.

On the record

“With a mission to help people get healthier, Fitbit helps users manage their holistic health and wellness, making them a perfect complement to our whole-person health promise,” said Vindell Washington, MD, CEO, Onduo. “Together with Fitbit, we’ll be able to better support condition-specific management and our members’ overall health and wellness by providing new tools and actionable guidance to support their health journeys. For example, in using Fitbit Onduo members will receive Fitbit insights like how increased activity can decrease resting heart rate – and they will be able to proactively engage in the management of their activity, sleep and nutrition.”

“As we continue to expand Fitbit’s work with companies like Onduo, there is tremendous opportunity to help people make even bigger improvements in their health and wellbeing and support condition management,” said Amy McDonough, Managing Director and GM, Fitbit Health Solutions at Google. “For more than 14 years, research has shown and we’ve seen firsthand how our tools can help people make lasting behavior changes, provide motivation to achieve goals and help improve outcomes in conditions like diabetes, prediabetes and hypertension. With Onduo, we hope to bring these benefits to even more users to improve their health and wellness.”

The context

The announcement follows the launch of Onduo’s multi-condition platform with Spanish language support in early 2021 and recent data presented at ADA 2021 demonstrating that Onduo members with type-2 diabetes sustained their reduction in A1c at 12 months.