Firefly Health launches health plan for employers

Firefly's virtual-first health plan offers small to mid-sized employers a solution to the overwhelming costs they face with traditional health plans.

Firefly Health launches health plan for employers

Virtual-first healthcare company Firefly Health launched of a novel health plan for employers utilizing their proven care delivery model.

The company’s virtual-first, “care and coverage” health plan offers small to mid-sized employers a solution to the overwhelming costs they face with traditional health plans. With virtual care from world-class physicians, intelligent navigation that connects members to virtual and in-person appointments with quality providers, and a care team that addresses physical and mental health needs, Firefly simultaneously lowers healthcare costs and improves health outcomes.

Why does it matter?

Small to mid-sized employers currently don’t have many options when choosing healthcare benefits. Fully-insured employers pay 5-6% more year over year for their plans, and many see double digit increases even without any major health events. When small employers try to self-insure on their own, they encounter high admin fees with the same payers they used previously, or they lack the large HR benefits team required to assemble a bespoke benefits package.

Firefly bridges that gap, driving cost savings through proactive virtual-first care, utilization management, network navigation, reduced pharmacy spend, and lower admin fees. Small to mid-sized businesses can finally align exceptional care for employees with cost management, regardless of employee location or care needs.

Firefly’s health plan provides:

  • Clear, simple coverage. Zero deductibles, no copays, and no confusion when Firefly guides a member to the care they need.
  • Proactive care. A personalized care team supports chronic and behavioral health needs, while emphasizing preventive care and overall health and wellness.
  • Innovative technology. A proprietary, patient relationship management platform and patient-facing mobile application allow for better outreach, data, and analytics.
  • Fully integrated “bricks and clicks” network. By coupling virtual-first providers with a robust, in-person network, Firefly seamlessly navigates care to the best partners, including specialists for every type of care need, centers of excellence across the country, urgent care centers, in-home nurses and EMTs, and specialty digital health companies.
  • Enrollment and navigation resources. Ongoing support and member education to help employees with onboarding and address all their primary care needs.
  • Flexible plans for any size company. Multiple options with adjustable copays and deductibles.
  • Unique and innovative stop-loss solution. Firefly helps fully-funded employers become self-insured.

The Firefly health plan is available to employers in Massachusetts, Maine, and Ohio, with care and coverage available to remote employees across the country. Firefly aims to expand the health plan into additional states over the next 12 months.

On the record

“The launch of the Firefly Health Plan puts within reach our mission of delivering against half-priced healthcare that’s twice as good,” commented Fay Rotenberg, Firefly Health CEO. “We have long observed the power of aligning care and coverage under one roof. Today, we are pleased to launch an innovative coverage approach and marry that to our very modern take on virtual-first care delivery.” Rotenberg added, “Everyone deserves access to affordable, quality care rooted in empathy. This is a tremendous opportunity to take back control over healthcare and address the financial strain it places on individuals and businesses.”

The context

Firefly care teams already engage their patients to an unprecedented degree, interacting with 25% of members weekly to help them get and stay healthy. Meanwhile, they’ve lowered per member per month (PMPM) costs for employers by as much as 30%. Employees get accessible, personalized care, while employers realize significant healthcare savings and gain an invaluable resource for employee retention.