Amazon goes beyond digital assistants with its first home robot – Astro

The retail and cloud giant wants you to interact with Alexa in a whole new way...

Amazon Astro robot

Amazon is already one of two key players in the digital assistant market, the other being Google. Well, they have just upped their game that goes beyond static smart speakers – Amazon introduced its very first home robot.

Called Astro, it is made to help users with everyday tasks, delivering the familiar Alexa experience with a bit of robot touch.

Why does it matter?

The device, according to Amazon, brings together new advancements in artificial intelligence, computer vision, sensor technology, and voice and edge computing in a package that’s designed to be “helpful and convenient.”

For instance, Astro can check in on your home when you’re away, moving autonomously around or navigating to check in on specific areas. Also, with Alexa Guard, Astro can detect the sound of a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, or glass breaking, and send an alert to your phone-helping you keep your home safe, even when you’re somewhere else.

The device also works with Ring smart cameras and doorbells, and lets you bring Alexa to you around the home. The cool part is that it can find you in your home (on the same floor) to deliver reminders.

The part we at care about the most is related to healthcare. In that sense, Astro helps customers who are remotely caring for elderly relatives and loved ones. Their loved ones can ask Astro to set and deliver reminders, or customers can use Drop In to stay connected. When used with Alexa Together, a new service designed to help family members feel more comfortable and confident living independently, family members can set up Reminders and receive alerts to give caregivers the reassurance that their loved ones are active and going about their day. Alexa Together also gives loved ones 24/7 hands-free access to Urgent Response, a professional emergency helpline.

Astro itself is a marveleus piece of technology and you can read more about it from Amazon. The important thing is to learn from this is that Amazon is now making robots and that we’ll likely be seeing more of them in the future.


Amazon is offering Astro as part of Day 1 Editions, allowing customers to sign up to request an invite when it starts shipping.

Astro will cost $1,449.99, but as part of the Day 1 Editions program, it will be available for an introductory price of $999.99 with a six-month trial of the Ring Protect Pro subscription included. Astro will be available in limited quantities, and Amazon plans to start granting invitations and shipping devices to customers in the U.S. later this year.