DHbriefs launches DHISCO – Digital Health Investor’S COmpanion

The new service aims to help VCs, PE firms, angel investors, bankers make smarter digital health investments.


The digital health market seems unstoppable, with the funding numbers reaching record highs during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the pandemic helped this market jump 5-10 years into the future as more people turned to telehealth and other services.

To serve investors looking for deals in this space, online digital health report store DHbriefs launched a new service to help VCs, PE firms, angel investors, bankers and others make smarter digital health investments.

Called DHISCO, it stands for Digital Health Investor’S COmpanion and it is a membership-style service that provides potential investors and other parties with continued access to the digital health deal flow.

“A number of our clients are looking for an investment opportunity in the ever-growing digital health market, and so we decided to prepare a special service to provide them with the information they need to make better bets,” said Dusan Belic, the founder and chief analyst at DHbriefs.

DHISCO is a membership-style service that includes access to the ever growing list of carefully selected startups in two areas: those that have recently raised their seed round (Seed deal flow) and those that are close to exit (Exit candidates). For every startup, we list a few reasons why we think it’s worth looking at – like whether the company’s founder has a good track record, what kind of a niche the startup is competing in and so on. It is these extra points that we think will help investors make the next move.

Also included is our digital health SPAC tracker that includes all companies from this industry that went public in a merger with another publicly traded company.

Plus, members get to download all our reports, including: Introduction to Digital Health, Senior Care 2.0, Blockchain in Healthcare, and XR in Healthcare.

Finally, with a DHISCO membership, users get to actually talk to a real person, who could clarify some of the information provided on the site or even do a custom research and analysis of a specific company or a market niche.

“It is our belief that this consultation service is what makes us different from other services out there that don’t go beyond providing data,” Dusan added. “We’d like to actually know our customers and help them better invest their money. It’s like providing them with an extra pair of eyes to catch promising startups before others.”

DHISCO is now officially open for business to anyone looking to make smarter digital health investments. At the moment, there are only 50 spots open so you better hurry.

You can see how DHISCO works from https://DHbriefs.com/dhisco and even arrange a free 20-minute call with the team.