MindMinder apps launched to help users track and share their best days

MindMinder apps launched to help users track and share their best days

Psychiatrist Dr. Tony Charuvastra is behind neat mood tracking and sharing apps, MoodMinder, OCD Minder and ADHD Minder. The flagship application, MoodMinder, is made to help people know their moods and “take charge of their life.” By charting their mood objectively from day to day, they will gain essential knowledge about themselves and how they function.

Tracking your mood is simple – all you have to do is pick three numbers every day and let MoodMinder does its magic. You can also track/assign locations to mood, see moods on a graph, get stats, and reminders to record your mood every day.

“The app is simple and designed to be so. Other apps are too complicated and are like a swiss army knife by having too many options that would not be used,” said Dr. Tony Charuvastra. “We wanted our apps to be the one simple, reliable, sharp-edged tool that is used daily to cut through all the distractions to get to the centre of the users daily experience.”

Two other MindMinder apps are specially designed to aid mental and physical conditions. OCD Minder works on the same principal as MoodMinder with a focus on users with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) symptoms to track their daily feelings and monitor them over a period of time, while ADHD Minder is made for users with Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to monitor and record their feelings and reactions.

MoodMinder ($0.99) [iTunes link]
ADHD Minder ($0.99) [iTunes link]
OCD Minder ($0.99) [iTunes link]